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Welcome to Guild Really Fun Times.  I created this guild after being a member of a Family guild where there were rules like no profanity.  I dont cuss much personally but thought it was funny how many people would cuss up a storm and then the guild officers and leaders would say, this is a family guild there are possibly children playing and then a bunch of drama.  It got so extremely annoying that I turned off the guild chat and eventually left the guild since after the chat was off I did not feel like part of the guild anymore and when it was on it was a bunch of cursing and responsive stop cursing all day long none of which mattered to me.  I really only created the guild so I could have access to a guild hall to port to Barindu to solo in Vxed but figured since I created it I would do a guild website and invite people and all that fun stuff.  I was once in a guild and invited I would estimate around 5000 players and eventually had the guild up to over 100 players online and then the guild leader said to me "stop inviting people" so i quit that guild since I enjoyed having tons of people online in the guild to raid epics with and help out on mobs.  Right now the guild plan is to create a base population for any and all levels and do eventual raiding as I do spend a lot time playing the game in my freetime and always check out how to kill mobs and fun items so long term the guild will not be a waste of time.  I am aware that there are many well-established guilds and if you do decide to move on I wish you the best in your EQ endeavors.  As a final note and introduction I will add that if you ninja an item or you screw up a raid big-time by not following a simple instruction like "do not stand directly in front of the 5k hp proc mob you may or may not be removed depending on whether or not a whole bunch of other stuff has been going wrong the entire time and something that is easily understandable isnt understood because I would prefer that you get angry and go join one of the more established guilds and do that there and not here.  Other various examples including wiping a raid by gaining aggro, and just basic stuff like that where if it causes a major hassle and a big waste of time Id rather be soloing for xp or something than putting up with it.  An example that will not get your removed is say if you are not assisting the MA but nobody dies and all goes well then who really gives a #%&k.  Welcome to guild Really Fun Times a place where really fun times do and will happen because I just had a really fun time writing a welcome to you.
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abovetheheavens, Feb 9, 12 1:19 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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